Power Generation

Boiler Tubes with all specifications and grades according to international and Russian Standards, for example according to EN 10216, ASTM A335,  GOST 8732, 8734, TU 14-3-460-75, TU 14-3R-55-2001, Rostekhnadzor-permission (RTN) for steel pipes made of X10CrMoVNb9-1 (T91 / P91) and X10CrWMoVNb9-2 (T92/ P92).

  • Seamless boiler tubes and pipes for all power generation applications including extra-length tubes up to 25.3 m (83′).
  • Large ID-controlled seamless pipes and piping components, with all necessary machining operations, bottle-necked ends etc., 220 mm to 1,300 mm (8.7″ to 51″) ID.
  • Multi-rifled seamless boiler tubes, cold-drawn, with internal spiral ribs, 28.58 mm to 76.2 mm (1.125″ to 3″) OD.
  • Crack tubes and pipes
  • Seamless feedwater heater tubes, cold-drawn, straight tubes or 180° U-bends, 15 mm to 35 mm (0.59″ to 1.38″) OD.
  • All high-temperature steel grades suitable for boiler construction, including T 23, T 24, T 91, T 92 or WB 36 (15NiCuMoNb5-6-4)

Collectors with all grades according to international Standards including P 91 and P 92 or WB 36, Grades according to GOST and TU-Standards like TU 14-3-460-75, TU 14-3R-55-2001 and TU 3-923-75 with special tolerances for fossile and nuclear power projects.

  • Cladded pipes: For main coolant pipelines for nuclear power stations, according to TU 108.1197-83
  • Piping systems: High pressure pipe lines, spools, hangers and pipe supports, valves and flanges  for fossile and nuclear power projects.

Stainless steel tubes and pipes

  • Seamless and welded stainless steel tubes and pipes according to international standards and grades as well as acc. to TU standards and GOST grades, size range for welded stainless executionfrom 5 mm up to 2130 mm OD and 0,5 mm up to 50,8 mm WT, for seamless stainless execution from 6 mm up to 756 mm OD and 0,5 mm up to 50 mm WT.
  • Pipe hangers and pipe supports: For fossile and nuclear power stations as well as for chemical- and petrochemical applications and LNG-projects.
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Fin tubes
  • U-bend tubes, square bend tubes
  • Seamless and welded induction bends
  • Fittings – tees – reducers
  • Forgings
  • Boiler plates and special pipe plates
  • Welding material
  • Insulation systems (cassette type and others) for nuclear and fossile power plants
  • Turbine insulation
  • Fire protection for piping systems and wall penetration
  • Cryogen insulation for piping systems, including LNG
  • Steel Grades:
    • Carbon, alloy, high-alloy, stainless, nickel-alloy, acid- and heat resistant,
    • Duplex and Super-Duplex, urea-grades